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Exclusive: FX Takes Lone Survivor, Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle The purchases are part of a long-term strategy for FX Networks in its original series showing the latest movies to surround. The films will be available for all FX various networks (FX, FXX and FXM) in aggressive purchasing strategy film 2015.But FX is also the … Read more on Corning Leader

Middle East actresses are in top TV shows are cast, and not as a rogue gone when TV and movie scriptwriters shopping at the Bad Guy Store for the last twelve years has been their most purchased products from the Middle East. More specifically, they have Eastern terrorists who now occupy once sought the “villain” position Middle … Read more on New York Daily News
TCA: Fox says it will always pilot season “Look at the hit rate, we could not do worse,” Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly told reporters during the unveiling of his strategy to the semi-annual Television Critics Association. Media tour in Pasadena. In fact … Reilly, who cut his teeth … Read more at Los Angeles Times