Professional Tarot – Personal Edition

Professional Tarot – Personal Edition

Professional Tarot - Personal Edition

  • program includes 10 popular tarot decks. Rider Waite, Aquarius, monasteries, Gareth Knight, Mother Peace, Morgan Greer, Indians, Sacred Rose, U, and Swiss
  • 3 Choose employ ways a new spread. Let the computer deal for you, pick any card at a time, or re-create past deals, please select the card of your choice in any position on the distribution

    of 32 categories for each reading with the desire to succeed, romance, surprises, home, travel, beginnings, happiness, finances, health, family, joy, emotions, endings, advice and more. Choose from 19 standard spreads.

  • You can install the software on another computer, if you do not at the same time with both computers. For example, you can install the software on your desktop computer and laptop computer.
  • Personalize the appearance of your software by choosing from over 60 graphics and photo backgrounds.
  • If you are fascinated by the magic of the Tarot and want a program that creates realistic new, the experience of a professional reading, that’s it!
    Professional Tarot Software – Personal Edition – is the first software program to really grasp the meaning and the feeling of a hand on reading. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the tarot is the reader tools – the cards.
    This software contains ten of the most common decks of professionals selected. The on-screen graphics are beautiful. If you

    List Price: $ 49.95 Price: $ 49.95

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